Have the skills available to execute your market strategy

Organizations increasingly need to deal with a volatile and changing market.

Not having the skill capabilities available to execute can create significant bottlenecks, introducing delays in your market offerings and ultimately showing up as gaps in your competitiveness.

Changing customer needs require rapidly shifting skill needs - in short: high skill liquidity.

The Skill Liquidity Maturity Model, an extension of the Kanban Maturity Model, is intended to offer pragmatic thoughts on which approaches may suit your organization. The SLiMM has 7 levels, ranging from individual to team to a single service to multiple services organization-wide.  Each level offers a set of advantages as well as challenges. We will discuss the suitability of each level for your organization.

This session explores how the service orientation of Kanban can take us beyond the limits of relying on cross functional teams.

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Martin Aziz, KCP

Martin Aziz was the director of Agile Transformation at LoyaltyOne - Alliance Data. He is currently a transformation consultant and managing partner of Squirrel North, based out of Toronto. Martin focuses on helping organizations develop improved business delivery capabilities through multi-disciplinary approaches including Kanban, Systems Thinking, and Agile methods. He helps leaders at all levels in organizations (Exec to managers) with pragmatic and actionable support & guidance. Martin is a Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) and one of the founding organizers of the monthly meetup group Systems Thinking Toronto and Kanban Toronto.https://www.linkedin.com/in/martin-aziz-3626252/    @martinaziz