What I learned about Kanban on a 250mi hike on the Camino de Santiago

Kanban’s core practices together with its principles and values make it the most effective method for evolutionary change. Have you ever applied them outside of their business context? Hiking 250 miles across Spain, I had more than enough opportunity for measuring and adapting my continuous improvement.

Every journey begins with a single step. Walking the Camino de Santiago for two weeks took me 586,444. In this very personal talk I will share what I’ve learned about the practices of Kanban after applying them to learn about myself and making changes along the way.

Learning Outcomes: Learn about Kanban’s core practices in a gripping story about suffering and achievement. Get ideas about how you can apply these practices to your personal endeavors, too.

TAGS  practices, Kanban Method, adaptation

Markus Wissekal, AKT

Markus Wissekal, born and raised in Vienna, is what you would call an agile Swiss Army knife. Accredited Kanban Trainer, Scrum Professional, Lego Serious Play Facilitator, Systemic Business Coach, Design Thinker, MSc. in Medical Computer Science and founder of a Swiss consultancy are just a few lines on Markus’ CV. He has been applying this combination of technology, business and solution-focused thinking for the past ten years in helping SMEs, multi-national corporates and start-ups turn agile. Markus loves visionary project kick-offs, maximizing the effectiveness of his agile teams, coaching the program management in multi-million-dollar environments as well as working with C-level. https://coach.und.coach      @themaxxmaster