Achieve the balance and agility to handle heavy customer demand

Many multidisciplinary teams are responsible for maintaining a product as well as for developing that same product. Incidents, minor changes and large projects hijack valuable time of team members. This results in a lack of overview of the work, lack of insight into what work should prevail over other work, and a constant hassle with customers.

Can Kanban support this way of working? Yes, it can! This Learning Lab will show how to achieve balance and agility to meet the challenge of full product support.  Based on Kanban implementations at Royal Schiphol Group and the Dutch Archives.

Using STATIK to understand the work, the Kanban Method to gain insight and oversight, and metrics to balance the different classes of services among each other, you can offer a solution to bring peace and quiet to the team and manage the expectations of stakeholders and users.

TAGS  overburdening, fit for purpose, STATIK, metrics 

Bianca Griffioen, AKT

Bianca Griffioen is an Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT) in the Netherlands with more than nine years of experience in the agile field. As a coach, facilitator and trainer, she has worked in a wide range of organizations from the government to the industrial sector. Even at home she brings Kanban into practice. She has worked with individuals, teams and management trying to pass on the spirit of agility. She strives to create value, always with respect to the culture of an organization, with a keen eye for processes -- and, of course, with lots of humor.