When your Scrum initiative hits a wall, the Kanban Method can bring dramatic improvement

Scrum "stall" is a common symptom of dysfunction when knowledge work teams favor procedure over committing to evolutionary change. The three ways of fast flow, fast feedback, and fast learning are embraced by many large financial services firms as strategic goals for realizing business value at startup speed, but teams and programs remain mired in low maturity ways of working. This experience report is about the successful experiments at Vanguard aligning the Kanban Method and Enterprise Services Planning (ESP) with its own enabling practices to improve key outcome measures.

Overcoming Scrum "stall" by adopting the Kanban Method is the theme, with evidence of dramatic and immediate improvement in the flow of business value after adopting Kanban. A success story on re-purposing meetings to align with Enterprise Services Planning is included to illustrate the power of evolutionary change toward new ways of working in pursuit of fast flow, fast feedback, and fast learning.
TAGS  financial, Scrum, improvement, ESP

David Hughes, KCP

Dave Hughes, KCP, is a practitioner of the Kanban Method. He has been a speaker at conferences for Lean Kanban, AgilePhilly, Agile & Beyond, the Project Management Institute, the Network for Women with Careers in Technology, the AICPA, the Software Engineering Institute, MITRE Corporation, and the Naval Undersea Warfare Center. Dave has taught professional development and technical courses to over 8,000 people world-wide. He has nearly four decades of business, engineering, and professional experience, including 22 years using Lean and Agile techniques. He originated Accepted Value Costing (AVC), the evolutionary approach to Lean-Agile costing and decision making.