Kanban's pragmatic approach is evolving a large regulated enterprise

The Kanban System Accelerator (KSA) is a path for discovering and creating new Kanban services.

TAGS  tactics, scaling

Roger Hutcheson

Connecting business and IT is my passion. As an IT professional with 30 year of experience I have never been more excited to be a part of the Information Technology field. For the last 10 years I have been evolving my lean agile background. Working as a consultant and coach, it has been my privilege to travel the globe working with many industries from food services, document management, financial, energy, technology, textile, real estate, etc..
As with most technologists, I started with Lean, learned to be a Design Thinker and then matured with Scrum and Agile Scaling frameworks. The dynamic IT industry led me down the Lean Kanban path. As an Agile Coach and Accredited Kanban Training I am working pragmatically to evolve a large energy (utility) company. We are identifying our services and using STATIK to understand our customer expectations and IT’s capabilities so we can deliver value predictably.