Build excitement for your Kanban initiative with the power of internal coaching

Anyone who has undertaken the challenge of introducing change within an organization will have undoubtedly experienced resistance to the extent that you may tempted to think and even say aloud out of frustration “We just need executive support for [insert change initiative here] and everyone will do it.” Unfortunately, the reality is that top-down executive mandates for organizational change are ineffective at best, and more often creates the exact opposite of the intended effect by embedding fake and brittle adoption of new behaviors at scale that ultimately become indistinguishable from genuine and durable change.

In this Learning Lab session organizational coaches Adam Hsu and Gabe Abella from JPMorgan Chase will share their story and you will experience how to apply the evidence based Principles of Influence pioneered by Dr. Robert Cialdini that they use to effectively generate genuine demand for Kanban coaching services across the enterprise without resorting to wishing for and dreaming about executive mandates. More importantly, you will learn how to integrate the Principles of Influence with the Fit-For-Purpose framework and the Kanban Method through the use of techniques such as Market Segmentation Analysis, Service Design, and Demand Shaping.

Intro & Exercise I:  Internal Market Segmentation Analysis
Intro & Exercise II: Service Design for Internal Coaching
Intro & Exercise III:  Internal Marketing Strategy using the Principles of Influence
Intro & Exercise IV:  Demand Shaping using the Principles of Influence
TAGS  coaching, culture, influence

Gabe Abella, AKT

Gabe Abella is an organizational coach in Global Technology at JPMorgan Chase focused on enabling organizational and business agility at every level of the organization. Gabe's approach to coaching is grounded in the principles of Socio-Technical Systems theory with a focus on emergent design and evolutionary change in pursuit of joint optimization of both the social systems and the systems of work within the enterprise. As a Lean Kanban University (LKU) accredited instructor, Gabe has proven experience teaching, coaching, and practicing agility at the individual, work team and leadership team levels, as well as with teams-of-teams at enterprise scale. Gabe is also an Advanced Practitioner of the Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS) which enables him to bring the rigorously researched Six Conditions for Team Effectiveness to the leaders and teams in the organizations he serves. Outside of JPMorgan Chase you may find Gabe appearing as a featured guest on podcasts such as the Agile Answers Podcast with Adam Weisbart and the Team Coaching Zone Podcast and Webinar with Dr. Krister Lowe, as well as presenting at conferences such as the Agile Alliance Global Conference, Lean Kanban North America, and the Columbia Coaching Conference.

Adam Hsu, AKT

Adam Hsu is an Organizational Coach at JPMorgan Chase and an Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT) with over two decades of experience leading and coaching teams in large enterprise organizations. Adam has a depth of experience successfully introducing agile and lean methods at enterprise scale via transformational as well as evolutionary change through the engaging delivery of training and coaching at the organizational, executive, team, and individual levels.   As an Okaloa FlowLab partner facilitator and a Certified Advanced Practitioner of the Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS), Adam brings proven world class teaching and thinking tools to his clients and students, which are complimented by his capability to advise on strategy development and execution at all levels of the organization.