Achieve cultural transformation with better communication

    As agents of change, we understand that meaningful, lasting transformation occurs in a safe, respectful context. An important component of such an environment is the ability to connect and communicate in a way that supports innovation. In this session, you will learn how generous listening is a major contributor in creating that environment. By transforming the quality of listening from ‘competitive verbal jousting’ to ‘listening with a willingness to be changed’, we can as individuals contribute at a high level to creating the climate needed to support a culture of Continuous Improvement.
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Andrea Ross, KCP

Andrea Ross, KCP, is an ambassador of Continuous Improvement. She has integrated her 30 years as an IT professional, 5 years as a Dialogue Practitioner and 2 years as a Lean Facilitator to become an agent of positive change in organizations. Most notably, she served as a leader in the successful transformation of a 13,000-employee organization from a culture of command and control to become a learning organization which then translated into a dramatic improvement in service delivery. Andrea is a trained Dialogue Practitioner and one of the founding members of the US Academy of Professional Dialogue.

Megan Windle

Megan Windle is an Agile Coach, specializing in the people side of change. She believes happy teams SPARKLE with creativity and productivity. With Megan’s help, teams learn to dazzle customers by delivering valuable solutions frequently and embracing change for their customer’s competitive advantage.