Presenting the Lean Kanban Global Summit

Do traditional conferences work?

There are so many conferences to choose from, and they seem to get bigger and broader every year.  Attendees sit and listen to packed programs in vast hotel ballrooms. They might get to ask a question after the presentation.

Meanwhile, the same challenges persist in corporate or government workplaces.

Are conferences making a real difference? Do they address the pain points getting in the way of predictability, efficiency, and business agility? Are traditional conferences leading to tangible improvement?

Maximizing the value of each day

Lean Kanban has always believed in pragmatic, actionable guidance in our classes, publications, and events. We ask the question, “How can we offer clear guidance that can be applied for immediate improvements?”

Since 2009, the Lean Kanban North America conference has featured world leaders sharing their experiences with the Kanban Method and offering proven techniques. It has been lauded for high quality, cutting-edge topics, and attention to detail. But still we ask, “How can we make this an experience that transforms the attendees? How can we maximize the value of each day of the event for them?”

In re-thinking the conference experience, we considered these goals:

  • better access to global Kanban leaders and a network of Kanban practitioners
  • more individual attention to address specific workplace concerns
  • tangible learning outcomes to benefit people at every stage of the Kanban journey

Introducing the Lean Kanban Global Summit

For 2019, we are introducing a transformed event to offer better learning opportunities and more ways to connect with other Kanban experts and enthusiasts including Accredited Kanban Trainers (AKT) and Kanban Coaching Professionals (KCP).

Kanban Week is now the Lean Kanban Global Summit. It is still a week-long event that includes the Lean Kanban North America (LKNA) conference and the Kanban Leadership Retreat, but with some important changes.

We are amping up opportunities for networking and learning at the event. Two tracks of the LKNA conference will now be Learning Labs: limited capacity, 2-hour, immersive sessions, each with a specific theme and learning objective. Learning Labs are available for basic “core” Kanban guidance; advanced topics; and culture and leadership. A third track will offer a mix of experience reports and techniques in 1-hour lecture presentations and Lightning Talks.

The North American conference has always had an international roster, but now the Lean Kanban Global Summit is showcasing even more international perspectives and experiences at the conference and retreat.  Build lasting connections with speakers and peers from around the world.

The LKNA conference will still feature keynotes, Wednesday workshops, coaching clinics, social receptions, and other elements you know and love. We also have an open space for those presenting Lightning Talks, innovation topics, introducing games or software tools.

Don’t miss the Kanban Leadership Retreat

The Lean Kanban Global Summit also includes the Kanban Leadership Retreat. The Retreat is the gathering point for the world’s most passionate Kanban enthusiasts to explore new ideas and challenge older ones. This event is limited to 50 attendees. The participants bring their own session ideas and collaborate to evolve the Lean Kanban body of knowledge. They also connect with other Kanban leaders for facilitated recreational outings around Alexandria and Washington D.C. during the daily 5-hour break.

Please join us in Alexandria, Virginia, USA on May 13-17, 2019 for a new experience that will transform the way you work.

Janice Linden-Reed
Program Chair
Lean Kanban Global Summit 2019