Achieve better predictability even at scale, Kanban-style

Learning objectives:

  • Alternatives to push-based, deterministic models of planning
  • Coordinate planning across multiple levels of initiatives and upstream and downstream workflows
  • How to use data to forecast at different stages in an initiative’s lifecycle, including at the beginning
  • How to use data and risk profiles to create policies for your kanban board to optimize economic outcomes and flow
  • How to reduce the pain in moving from points-based sprint loading  to flow-based workflows and time-based forecasts
TAGS: planning, coordination, forecasting, scaling, policies


Matt Philip

Matt Philip is Delivery Director at 1904Labs.  I incorporate lean and agile values, principles and practices to help organizations and teams continuously become fit for their purpose. I am especially passionate about building learning organizations and creating humanizing and engaging work environments. 
I blog at and tweet at @mattphilip.