Use a Kanban approach to set up a steady stream of innovative ideas

This is a fun introduction to basic concepts in the Kanban world. Players will see how some policies might be costing their product more than they think by demonstrating the cost of delay. It is a simple board game where dice rolls are used to simulate complexity in three different delivery systems.

Learn what the acronym (LLLLMM) can do for your organisation: Limit multitasking • Limit batch sizes • Limit work in progress • Limit cost of delay • Maximize Feedback • Maximize Value

TAGS  decisions, policies, value

Rochelle Roos, AKT

Rochelle Roos loves working with like-minded individuals and highly motivated teams who share her interest in adding value and moving forward. She is energized by applying a systems thinking approach to align Agile methodologies at organizational level while working with clients to build the correct cultural and context-driven practices. She is currently making an impact at one of the leading banks in South Africa where she is helping them adopt Kanban practices as a driver for their Agile journey. Her adventure with Kanban at Spry Agility has given her the power to explore and experiment whilst being backed by data and highlighting the true value of Agile.

Berto Coetsee, KCP, AKT

Berto Coetsee realized in 2015 that some Agile frameworks were not effective for a variety of industries. He decided to invest in the Kanban Method, a management method used to directly improve service delivery within organizations. He founded Spry Agility which has trained and coached many organizations and teams to adopt the Kanban Method for knowledge work. Berto was the first Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT) in South Africa (now one of only 3 in the country), and he is the only AKT in South Africa who is also a Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP).