Ensure long-term success with a balanced portfolio

Portfolio management, with its origins in the financial and real estate industries, is the "art and science of making decisions” about the distribution of capital or investments with the purpose of profit maximization. It’s an act of continuous trade-offs between potentially greatest returns and appropriate risk exposure.

In a broader sense, portfolio management considers a wide range of investments of a firm, including products and services, and certainly projects. The goal and the challenge of portfolio management is thereby to ensure long-term survivability of the firm by taking a holistic view of the organization, balancing demand and capabilities across e.g. strategic, operational and regulatory initiatives, while maintaining a healthy mix of investments in existing and new capabilities.

In this workshop, you will learn how Kanban can help raise the maturity of portfolio management through visualization, explicit policies and collaboration, resulting in improved organizational decision making. You will also learn how portfolio construction can be linked to organizational strategy, and how Portfolio Kanban drives strategy execution.


After attending this workshop you will be able to:

  • Know and understand portfolio management better
  • Describe different views and levels of portfolio management
  • Apply Kanban techniques for effective portfolio construction
  • Apply Portfolio Kanban to align objectives and investments
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Andreas Bartel, AKT, KCP

Andreas Bartel is a Kanban Coach working for Lotto 24 AG. He is currently supporting the executive board kanbanizing the IT and the rest of the organization, including Finance, CRM, and Legal. He also offers his know-how as a freelancer. Andreas has begun his professional career at Sun Microsystems, pushing the level of User Experience of office productivity software to new levels, be it the desktop, web or mobile. Lately, his love for great software products has changed into a passion for guiding organizations to reliably deliver well-fitted products and services in a sustainable and humane manner.

Dimitar Karaivanov

Dimitar Karaivanov, CEO and Co-founder of Kanbanize is a Lean evangelist and Kanban practitioner with a strong background in the areas of software development and process improvement. With a career that started at a technical support center and went through system administration, quality assurance, performance engineering, software development, DevOps, management and process improvement, Dimitar understands what pains people at all levels in an organization have and embeds this know-how into Kanbanize, to make it the Kanban software for entire organizations.

He is passionate about achieving optimal performance and efficiency at scale. Through the success of his business, he has proven that Kanban can be effective for every department of a company and not only software development activities.