Experience core Kanban techniques and see how to introduce them to others

In this workshop, you will have the possibility to experience how different Kanban techniques can be applied and which impact they have.

We will use specific configurations of the Okaloa Flowlab simulation set which we created for this workshop. You can explore different scenarios and gain a practical understanding of these techniques in order to apply them to your own Kanban systems.

For each of the techniques, we’ll start with a  brief intro of the concept, then run a simulation and debrief / reflect.

Techniques covered:

  • Replenishment – how to model a system entry and the impact of different replenishment cycles
  • Capacity Allocation – allocate system capacities to different categories of work (e.g. Classes of Service or work item types), and measure the input vs. output
  • Manage pull across several teams via Capacity Tokens

This workshop is targeted at Kanban beginners as well as medium-level practitioners and coaches.

TAGS  foundations, capacity, systems thinking

Susanne Bartel, KCP, AKT

Susanne Bartel is a freelancing Kanban coach and trainer. She lives with her family in Hamburg, Germany. Susanne works with teams, leaders, and organizations in and at their work systems. She is passionate about shaping people's working environments to the better, while increasing the effectiveness of the organization as a whole. As a Kanban coach she has learned to appreciate the evolutionary way of change, appreciating the human nature. As a trainer, she loves to spark the Kanban fire in people. Susanne has a strong information technology background, and enjoys working with clients in different industries today. She loves spending time with her family, playing nerdy board games, swimming, having time to read a good book, and traveling to Scandinavia.


Andreas Bartel, KCP, AKT

Andreas Bartel is a Kanban Coach working for Lotto 24 AG. He is currently supporting the executive board kanbanizing the IT and the rest of the organization, including Finance, CRM, and Legal. He also offers his know-how as a freelancer. Andreas has begun his professional career at Sun Microsystems, pushing the level of User Experience of office productivity software to new levels, be it the desktop, web or mobile. Lately, his love for great software products has changed into a passion for guiding organizations to reliably deliver well-fitted products and services in a sustainable and humane manner.